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McBain / Yokogawa Confocal Microscopes

Optimized confocal microscopy from Yokogawa and McBain


McBain provides custom confocal microscope imaging systems utilizing the advanced spinning disk technology of Yokogawa's CSU series of confocal scanner units. These optimized confocal microscopes, in addition to providing clear images of a sample, can provide slice images without requiring the sample to be physically sliced. The confocal scanner simultaneously provides high scanning speed, clear images, and high sensitivity.


For viewing live cells, the only true real-time confocal imaging solution is based on spinning disk technology, and Yokogawa's new CSU-X1 (pictured) is faster, brighter and more versatile than any other spinning disk scan head. The system can be used to observe the movement of live bacteria or to view samples that are dark. It can also be used for naked eye observations, and to create accurate 3D representations of samples using image analysis software. In addition to biological research, CSU scanners are also widely used in semiconductor applications such as chip surface observation.


McBain can provide completely integrated confocal solutions, including the Yokogawa scan head, cameras, software, microscope and lasers. In addition to confocal systems we can also provide systems for FRAP, Film, TIRF and even non-linear imaging techniques such as SHG.


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