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Toshiba Teli Microscope Cameras and Monitors

A broad selection to serve many applications


Toshiba Teli offers a wide array of video cameras for both color and monochrome applications — as well as monitors for video display.


CleverDragon Machine Vision Cameras

The CleverDragon™ CSC12M25BMP19 monochrome camera features a 12 megapixel 1.9 inch CMOS sensor to capture 4096 x 3072 pixel resolution images in unprecedented detail. It is the optimal platform for integrators and OEMs designing systems for high-speed machine vision, parts inspection and robotics. The camera can capture images at full frame at speeds up to 25 frames-per-second. Faster frame speed is possible via the Window of Interest (WOI) programmable, partial-scanning mode.


CleverDragon cameras are also available in 5MP models to transfer highly detailed images (2456 x 2058) at 15 frames-per-second up to 12 bit depths. These 5MP cameras are available in color (CSCQS15CC23) or black and white (CSCQS15BC23) models to meet the specific demands of your application. Universal Camera Link interface simplifies integration and provides increased flexibility when changing cameras or frame grabbers. The frame shutter reads out all data even under Random Trigger Shutter mode. These cameras address a wide range of industrial imaging and machine vision applications requiring high-speed, extremely precise images from a compact Camera Link camera.



GiantDragon GigE Vision Cameras

With UV and near-IR sensitivity: GiantDragon™ CSGS15BC23 complies with the GigE Vision™ standard. It transfers 1 Gbps, 10 bit and non-compressed1280 x 1024 images at speeds of 15 frames per second over Gigabit Ethernet interface. GiantDragon cameras are compatible with standard Gigabit Ethernet hardware and cables up to 100 meters. UV and NEAR UV: Integrating at 500 milliseconds and featuring a wide response range of 230nm to 1050nm, the CSGS15BC23 has sensitivity in the visible, UV and near-IR portions of the light spectrum. This allows it to inspect products for blemishes, surface artifacts, or defects not observable in standard lighting conditions, and also where there is changing light intensity or on reflective surfaces that produce high levels of visible-spectrum noise. Plastic film, glass, coating or other UV-blocking materials are not needed.


In color and monochrome versions: GiantDragon cameras comply with the GigE Vision™ interface standard. Cameras transfer 1Gbps, 10bit and noncompressed image data at speeds up to 90 frames per second over Gigabit Ethernet interface. GiantDragon cameras are compatible with standard Gigabit Ethernet hardware and cables up to 100 meters. To meet the needs of system integrators and OEMs GiantDragon cameras come in nine color and monochrome models, ranging from VGA to UXGA resolution. Housings for each camera are identical, measuring a compact 44mm x 29mm x 70mm and utilizing C-mount lenses, allowing for easy integration and interchanges.



FireDragon FireWire-B Machine Vision Cameras

FireDragon™ cameras incorporate the highly-efficient FireWire-B digital interface, resulting in ultra-fast transfer rates of 800 Mbps for connection with PCs and other peripheral devices. This is twice the speed of conventional FireWire-A or USB 2.0 cameras, plus it produces less signal distortion. To extend the advantages of FireWire-B to virtually any machine vision application FireDragon™ cameras are offered in eight compact, lightweight models in both monochrome (8-bit or 10-bit) and 24-bit color. Cameras deliver full-frame images at up to 90 frames-per-second and resolutions ranging from VGA (640 x 480) to UXGA (1600 x 1200). They do not require a frame grabber like analog, Camera Link or LVDS cameras. Cameras can be set for RGB 24-bit, YUV422 or YUV411 output for added versatility. All eight cameras feature progressive scan, full frame shutter, backwards compatibility with devices equipped with conventional FireWire-A, high shock/vibration resistance, external trigger input for capture of fast moving objects, and RoHS compliance.



Medical Grade LCD Monitor

The Toshiba Teli Model T24MSA001-MD 24-inch LCD monitor is UL6061 (Medical Grade) approved. Multiple analog and digital inputs make this monitor an outstanding choice for new state-of-the-art medical imaging systems or for retrofitting legacy systems. This widescreen monitor offers high brightness (500 cd/m2), high contrast (800:1) images with resolution support up to WUXGA (1920 x 1200). Color temperature and RGB gain can be user set to match ambient lighting conditions. Full HD resolution (1080p) ensures natural color reproduction and a high level of differentiation during computerized tomography, ultrasound, endoscopy and other high-precision applications.