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QImaging Digital Cameras

High-sensitivity FireWire CCD cameras


The QImaging Rolera-XR (pictured at right – upper) is a high-performance near-infrared IEEE 1394 FireWire™ digital CCD camera. It is designed for high-resolution infrared and visible-range scientific and industrial imaging applications. The Rolera-XR spectral range extends to 1000nm in the IR region. High-speed, low-noise electronics provide linear digital data at frame rates up to 120 fps with binning and ROI. The IEEE 1394 FireWire™ digital interface allows ease of use and installation with a single wire. No framegrabber or external power supply is required. The Rolera-XR includes QCapture Pro software (Windows® and Mac OS) for real-time image preview and capture. A Software Development Kit is available upon request for interfacing with custom software.


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The QImaging Retiga-SRV (pictured at right – lower) is a deep-cooled, high-sensitivity IEEE 1394 FireWire® digital CCD camera. It has been specially engineered for low-light, high-speed, high-sensitivity applications. A three-stage Peltier device and an all-metal, hermetic-vacuum-sealed CCD chamber provide state-of-the-art cooling, to -45˚C. The camera's software-selectable, regulated cooling enables precise control in single-degree increments. The Retiga-SRV features a 1.4 megapixel CCD, 12-bit digital output, and an IEEE 1394 interface for enhanced connectivity and noise-shielding performance. Additionally, the camera comes with iGlo™ technology, which features an Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) that provides users with key information in a convenient, ergonomic way.


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