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MediaCybernetics Image-Pro Plus Software

Powerful 2D and 3D image processing and analysis


Image-Pro Plus is the ultimate image analysis software package for fluorescence imaging, quality assurance, materials imaging, and various other scientific, medical, and industrial applications. The most powerful member of the Image-Pro software family, Image-Pro Plus includes extensive enhancement and measurement tools and allows you to write application-specific macros and plug-ins.


Now, work with a proven solution: Reflecting over 20 years of development, evolution, and user feedback, Image-Pro Plus provides a full range of utilities for capturing, communicating, processing, measuring, analyzing, archiving, reporting, and printing.


Spend your time on what's important: Image-Pro Plus' user-friendly environment enables you to spend less time learning to use your software and more time analyzing and learning from your images.


Automate your research: Compress lengthy operations into a single keystroke or mouse click with Image-Pro Plus' Auto-Pro programming language.


Join a professional imaging community: When you use Image-Pro Plus, you instantly become part of a worldwide imaging community. Media Cybernetics' imaging Training Courses, Image Analysis Forum, and the searchable online database "Solutions Zone" all allow you to expand your imaging knowledge.


Key Features