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McBain XY Stages

Specially designed stages for high-precision XY control


McBain offers a complete line of precision XY Stages — coarse/fine manual leadscrew drive or microstepper motor driven. They allow for easy adaptation for custom tooling applications.
McBain XY Stages are made from fully machined, stress-relieved aluminum or steel billet. All precision surfaces are precision ground. Unique three-plate, cross-roller bearing or needle bearing design offers unsurpassed rigidity and stability. End-of-travel opto limit switches are provided on motor-driven systems. Linear encoders are available with resolutions from .00005" to .00001".


When integrated with a McBain ZIII, ZII or Mini-Z Column, the McBain XY Stage, makes an ideal optical measuring system for manufacturing, QC, R&D or high-power microscopy.