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Hazardous Chemical Microscopy Kit

For quick assessment of hazardous powders


The McBain environology Rapid Threat Assessment Kit (RTAK™) is designed to enable First Responder Teams to quickly assess the nature of suspicious powder threats in the field. Developed in conjunction with law enforcement professionals and toxicologists, the kit is designed to strengthen and integrate into your current field response protocol.


RTAK features a proprietary assessment algorithm that allows the user to quickly categorize a suspect powder as either harmless or a potential threat. The kit is not intended to replace the more sophisticated analysis of licensed laboratories or federal authorities, but to quickly distinguish potentially dangerous substances from harmless ones, thus enabling First Responders to safely and efficiently process the high volume of incidents currently facing communities nationwide.


The strength of the RTAK™ algorithm is in its capacity to consider a broad range of substances and quickly sort between threats and non-threats. Typically, the entire procedure can be completed within 15–30 minutes, greatly reducing downtime at critical facilities and potentially reducing the number of samples that must be sent to a laboratory for specific analysis. This is a very beneficial feature when closure of a facility may have severe economic impacts, such as at airports, sporting venues and theme parks.


RTAK was developed by McBain in conjunction with the Los Angeles Police Department's Hazardous Material / Environmental Crimes Unit.


RTAK Kit Components: