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McBain DDR200/300 NIR-SWIR Infrared Microscope

Near Infrared Subsurface Defect Detection and Review Systems

McBain DDR 300


The McBain DDR200 NIR (for 200mm) and DDR300 NIR (for 300mm) provide high-speed defect detection and precision measurement on wafers and other parts. These cost-efficient systems offer unique advantages for both production and process development use, providing an optimum near-infrared (900-1700nm) solution when both subsurface defect detection and dimensional metrology are required.


These DDR systems feature a powerful set of automated and semi-automated optical and digital video tools, which are optimized for high accuracy, production throughput and ease of use. The automated and versatile platform features McBain's state-of-the-art near-infrared Koehler Epi-illumination as well as optional transmitted-illumination packages. All systems are configured on McBain Systems' precision multi-axis platforms.





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