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McBain FocusTrac

Microscope Laser Autofocus System


The McBain FocusTrac, manufactured by MotionX Corporation, is the automated real-time laser focus solution for most major microscopes. By applying advanced optics, mechanics and electronics, FocusTrac is designed to differentiate between "in-focus," "above-focus" and "below-focus" conditions to produce a signal that can be used to drive the position of the microscope and objectives relative to the sample of interest into an "in-focus" condition.


FocusTrac can substantially increase throughput and reduce processing time in automated inspection systems, and it also reduces operator fatigue in manual processing systems. It is used to inspect wafers and devices, hard disk read write heads and disks, MEMs devices, photovoltaic substrates, FPDs, ink-jet substrates and for other automated inspection and vision based applications.


Key Features