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Infrared Microscope System

Benchtop IR (BT-IR) interior observation, imaging, verification and inspection


The McBain BT-IR Benchtop IR Infrared Microscope System is a powerful and flexible tool with a small footprint and an affordable price — for interior observation, imaging, verification and inspection of materials that are transparent in NIR (740nm to 1100nm) and SWIR (900nm to 1700nm)


The system features a motorized XY stage with joystick controls to navigate, observe and measure bonded wafer/die alignments, find defects in a manual mode and determine material stress via the system’s optional birefringence capability. The BT-IR is well suited for QA/Reliability and R&D to enable continuous process improvements for production. Typical applications include bonded wafer alignment metrology, die alignment metrology, sub-surface inspection, MEMS device inspection, 3D stacking process development and control, incoming wafer inspection, birefringence for material stress characterization, wafer-level CSP's, and much more.


McBain BT-IR systems are available with a variety of optical and illumination accessories and custom wafer/part fixtures.


Key Features