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Leica M80 Stereo Microscope

8:1 zoom routine stereomicroscope


The new Leica M80 is a compact stereomicroscope with an 8:1 zoom and a standard magnification of 7.5x-60x combining all the properties you expect from a first-class routine microscope: flexibility, convenience, low maintenance and, of course, first-class imaging performance. The new M series has been designed specifically for use with Leica LED illumination systems. Unlike conventional light sources, LED light solutions use up to 90% less power, provide excellent illumination and reduce costs thanks to their durability. Any costs for expensive replacement lamps are eliminated due to the LED's service life of approx. 50,000 operating hours. The low heat buildup makes using a fan unnecessary; unwanted fan noise is eliminated, swirling of dust is avoided and space requirements can be further reduced. And with a color temperature of 6500 K (color-neutral daylight), all Leica LED light sources offer the best possible image impression—samples can be observed in their true color.


Key Features