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Leica M60 Stereo Microscope

7-position routine stereomicroscope


Optical brilliance, switchable grid levels and a wide range of accessories make this stereomicroscope ideal for quality assurance and failure analysis in a wide range of industrial applications. Large working distance and imaging power show the finest details without losing the field of view over large workpieces. And no matter if your work requires a variety of illumination types, a selection of objectives or a swing-arm stand, you can count on Leica for just the right solution.


Besides its ultra-compact footprint, the M60 also scores on the ergonomic front by offering adjustable viewing height. The great depth of focus and 116.8 mm object field allow the user to view the entire sample without having to move it. The 6.3:1 zoom with seven switchable click-stop positions enables exact reproduction of inspection conditions. Only one data exchange cable is required for reading and controlling parameters. In combination with the coarse/fine focus control, all digital signals are bundled at the base of the focusing column, digitally processed and sent to the Leica Application Suite (LAS) software.


Get next-generation Illumination, as well: The new compact Leica LED3000 RL ring light uses state-of-the-art LEDs and a focusing lens to provide extremely homogeneous illumination and significantly greater brightness than conventional concepts. Full, semicircle and quarter-circle segments can be selected on the ring light itself simply by pressing a key.


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