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Stereo Microscope Leica M205 A

20.5:1 motorized high-performance stereomicroscope


The Leica M205 A is the first stereomicroscope in the world that can offer a 20.5:1 zoom. This accomplishment, however, was not enough for Leica's engineers. With the new FusionOptics™, they have succeeded in taking yet another step beyond previous limits. Besides the greater magnification, they have also increased the resolution to 1050lp/mm, which corresponds to a resolved structure size of 476nm. With digitally controlled zoom, focus (with the new motorized focus drive) and iris diaphragm, a Leica DFC camera, motorized mechanical stage, and versatile software modules of the Leica Application Suite (LAS), the Leica M205 A is capable of accepting any settings and performing any analysis expected of a stereomicroscope with a few clicks of the mouse.


Key Features