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Leica IC80 HD Microscope Camera

Compact high-definition stereomicroscope camera


The IC80 HD is an integrated standalone digital camera for stereo microscopes, delivering full-HD live video output. It easily fits between the viewing tube and a stereo microscope body with dovetail interface. It offers fast, real-time live video on a HD-ready or full HD screen or on a PC screen.


The complete ergonomic workstation allows the user to view samples on the monitor or through the binocular tube and easily switch viewing mode, with or without computer connection. The camera sends a high-resolution live image directly to the HD monitor. The coaxial beam path of the stereomicroscope ensures optimum image quality that reaches to the very edges of the monitor, and a reflection-free image viewed through the binocular tube. The excellent reproduction quality, precision, and reliability can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the user's work.


The camera captures 3Mpixel color images directly onto an SD card or to a connected PC. The camera comes with an intuitive LAS EZ software including basic measurement, annotation and archiving. All image and calibration data can be stored with the image for later reference


Key Features