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Leica DVM2000/3000/5000 Digital Microscopes

Exceptional portability, flexibility and speed for industrial applications


This new generation of digital microscopes opens new horizons in mobility and speed. For many applications, they offer an ideal complement to traditional inspection and analysis. The microscopic image is displayed directly on a high-resolution monitor so the user does not have to look through an eyepiece. The streamlined zoom optics reach extremely difficult-to-access surfaces, which allows nondestructive inspection of even the largest stationary parts which would be very difficult to examine using traditional microscope techniques. These advanced digital microscopes not only feature outstanding-quality optics, they also offer a wide variety of quantitative analysis options — whether 2D analyses or advanced 3D surface measurements.


Three digital microscope solutions, the Leica DVM5000, DVM3000, and DVM2000, provide a wide range of configurations — from the "intelligent," portable, all-in-one system to the modular basic model. Each system can be configured for specific applications and individual requirements using an extensive range of components and accessories.



Leica DVM5000

The DVM5000 digital microscope is a portable, all-in-one system that can go wherever non-destructive, in-place microscopic analysis is needed. The entire microscope, including optics, monitor and computer, can convert into a compact, portable system with just a few hand movements. It can be used to inspect stationary samples, such as production machines or airplanes, virtually anywhere at any time. The Leica DVM5000 also provides unique benefits when quality assurance must be carried out at multiple locations. For example, the system can accompany an engineer during audits, so that he or she can always use the same familiar technology.


Viewing previously inaccessible sample areas, even the tiniest structures on inclined or vertical sample surfaces, is not a problem. The extremely flexible tilting stand, combined with revolving x/y-stage, enables reliable inspection and analysis of soldered joints on electronic components, for example. In addition, the 360° rotating head offers an all-around view and creates a 3D impression of the sample.



Leica DVM3000

The DVM3000 features outstanding flexibility. It includes all the elements needed for digital microscopy: zoom optics with encoded magnifications, high-performance digital camera, integrated metal halide lamp and standard interfaces for computer and monitor to enable all sample-related data to be sent to the computer for subsequent evaluation.


This instrument provides a wide zoom range — from macro to micro — and a wide variety of application-specific auxiliary lenses and adapters. Its "open" design makes the Leica DVM3000 a compact, versatile digital microscope for a wide variety of applications. And for quality evaluation, users can take advantage of the full range of available application software: from simple imaging to 2D measurements to highly specific roughness measurements in 3D with subsequent documentation using conventional Microsoft® Office programs.



Leica DVM2000

The DVM2000 offers the ideal entry-level digital microscope. This modular system is composed of zoom optics, digital camera, and software and is based on standard components. However, the Leica DVM2000 also provides plenty of options from a comprehensive range of products and accessories to configure the ideal digital solution for your needs. In addition, the Leica Application Suite (LAS) offers a wide variety of software modules to cover all of your analyses and evaluations. For a Leica Microscope in California, let McBain assist you in selecting the right model.