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Leica DM4000 M

Research microscope system for materials and geo science


The New Leica DM4000 M is equipped with an incident-light axis and can be used with all common incident-light methods (all of them automated upon request). The axis features a 4x reflector disc with 2 fixed mounted and 2 changeover positions for instrumentation with reflectors or fluorescence filter cubes. A transmitted-light axis works with all known transmitted-light methods (brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, polarization contrast, and interference contrast–all automated). As expected from a routine microscope, the Leica DM4000 M operates with a mechanical Z-drive; and the stage is also operated mechanically. The 6x objective turret with M32 thread is absolute coded so that the objective used is immediately detected. All current setting values can be called up at a glance using the clearly designed new status display.


Key Features