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Megapixel Microscope Camera Leica DFC490

Digital color camera with 8-megapixel CCD and multishot technology


New applications in life science and industry require innovative approaches to imaging. Quickly producing high-quality images for documentation, evaluation, and analysis is a key factor for imaging success. The Leica DFC490 digital camera system with multishot technology and FireWire interface provides images with the highest color fidelity, resolution, and detail. Real-time speeds can be achieved using an array of innovative readout modes. The innovative Leica DFC490 integrates an 8-megapixel CCD, which offers superior quality, ultra high-resolution images that were previously only possible with multiple acquisition cameras. High-resolution CCDs are especially beneficial for low magnification imaging on microscopes as the amount of information provided by the optical system is much larger than in high magnification conditions.


Key Features