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Digital Microscopy Camera Leica DFC290 HD

High definition digital 3-megapixel color camera with dual output signal FW and HDMI


The DFC290 HD is a color digital FireWire Camera with a 3-megapixel CMOS sensor and offers a dual output to a computer or directly to an imaging device with an HDMI interface, such as flat screens, beamers, or DVD recorders. All image information of the sensor is digitized and processed directly in the camera head, leading to optimum noise suppression and exceptional color results. Using the latest state of the art color engine, the image data can be delivered at a very high frame rate and with virtually no computing delay, so sample manipulation or dissection can be done by looking on a High Definition flat screen instead of looking through the binocular tube of a microscope. For the first time it is now also possible to share such a high definition microscope image to an audience while still controlling and viewing all camera parameters on a computer screen.


Key Features