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Leica DFC290 Microscope Camera

Powerful digital color camera system for real-time imaging


The DFC290 is a color Digital FireWire Camera that offers real-time live images that can be focused and oriented directly from a computer. The 3-Megapixel CMOS sensor digitizes information of the sensor in the camera head, leading to optimum noise suppression and detailed images. All color renderings, image geometry, and dimensions are corrected to ensure accurate results are obtained during image analysis and image processing. The Leica DFC290 is wholly compatible with Leica microscopes and Leica software to form an integrated and powerful imaging system for microscopy applications. Combining the Leica DFC290 with the new LAS Modules provides a sophisticated solution for critical analysis and documentation. The camera is compatible with PC/ Mac software and is designed to simplify the imaging process from capture through to processing.


Key Features