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Leica DCM 3D Measuring Microscope

Dual core combines interferometry and confocal imaging


The dual-core DCM 3D measuring microscope presents a complete solution, combining the advantages of confocal and interferometry technologies. With compact and robust design, this instrument provides super-fast, non-destructive assessment of the micro- and nano-geometries of critical industrial component surfaces. From R&D and quality inspection laboratories to robotic-driven systems in online process control, the innovative Leica DCM 3D can serve a wide range of applications where high speed measurements with resolution down to 0.1 nm are needed.


This instrument's micro optical measurement technology fulfils two important requirements of metrology: non-destructive measurement combined with high accuracy. The measuring capabilities of the Leica DCM 3D range from a few nanometers to several millimeters, to serve a wide variety of applications. In addition, it carries out measurements at extremely high speed.


Now, with a single system it is possible to analyze rough (confocal) as well as smooth (Vertical Scanning Interferometry or VSI) and super smooth (Phase Shift Interferometry or PSI) surfaces. Sub-micron lateral resolution and a vertical resolution in the nm range is obtained in confocal mode, while large fields of view in combination with sub-nanometer Z resolution are acquired in the Interferometry mode.


The camera captures 3Mpixel color images directly onto an SD card or to a connected PC. The camera comes with intuitive LAS EZ software including basic measurement, annotation and archiving. All image and calibration data can be stored with the image for later reference.


Key Features