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Hitachi Video Cameras

Compact, lightweight CCD cameras


The Hitachi HV-D27 is a separate-head 3-CCD type color camera with a compact and lightweight camera control unit (CCU). The Hitachi HV-D27 CCD contains 410,000 (470,000 PAL) pixels. The C mount lens fitting provides convenient physical compatibility with a broad selection of readily available and specialized optical systems. For improved performance and reliability, the CCU circuitry from the processor to encoder is contained in a single VLSI DSP semiconductor chip. The small and lightweight head makes the Hitachi HV-D27 an excellent choice for medical systems, industrial automation, image processing, microscope equipment and a nearly unlimited range of other applications.


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The Hitachi HV-D30 camera achieves high sensitivity and high resolution through the use of three 1/3 inch CCD's, each with 410,000 picture elements (470,000 PAL) — all in a very compact package. Together with the 12-bit analog-to-digital (A/D) converter and 14-bit accelerated DSP a horizontal resolution of 800TV lines and a high signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) of 64 dB (62 dB PAL) is obtained with the use of dynamic noise reduction. Clear, high-quality low-noise images are now possible even in a high gain mode.


A third-generation Digital Signal Processor (DSP) chip utilizing Hitachi's most recent processing technology (0.18µm, internal core, 1.8V drive, and 3 million gates) is contained on a single newly developed ultra-LSI chip. The new DSP enables the camera to achieve its small size, low power consumption, and high stability. A built-in flange back adjustment allows the camera's optical focus to be optimized with the selected optical system.


The camera's Auto Shading Compensation (ASC) function can automatically compensate for color shading errors caused by interaction between the lens and prism assembly in C-mount optical systems. Two modes of shading are provided and can be selected according to the camera's application, a color shading mode or a two-dimensional luminance shading mode.


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The Hitachi KP-D20B is a compact, single-CCD color camera featuring third-generation digital signal processing, high sensitivity and high quality images. The KP-D20B has a 1/2-in CCD with a minimum illumination of 1.0 lux. An on-screen menu system allows for easy selection and adjustment of all camera parameters, such as video level, black level, chroma level, enhancement, white balance, and shutter control. All parameters may also be controlled via an RS-232 interface. Windows software is provided.


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