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Microscopy Filters

For a broad range of applications

McBain can supply you with just the right filters for all aspects of your particular project or application, including those that require extreme precision in color separation, optical quality, and signal purity, such as low-light-level fluorescence microscopy and cytometry.


These filters have been very specifically designed for a variety of fluorescence microscopes and applications, including wide-field microscopes, confocal microscopes, and applications involving simultaneous detection of multiple fluorescent probes.


The filters are designed for overall optimization of signal-to-noise, brightness and multi-color discrimination, and excitation and emission bands are optimized for color perception. Although they may be relatively minor components of a complete microscope system, optimally designed filters can produce dramatic benefits.


McBain obtains filters from two of the world's premier filter manufacturers, Chroma Technology Corp and Omega Optical. See the downloadable brochures for additional information on the hundreds of different filters that are available…