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Clemex Vision PE Software

For powerful image analysis


Clemex Vision PE provides a powerful image analysis solution for automated microscopy. From measuring grain size to counting particles, Vision PE's intuitive software empowers you to easily custom-make image analysis macros without writing a single line of code. Vision PE also allows you to choose and use existing application packages for frequently run applications or for teaching purposes.


This software is a high level solution that is suitable for research as well as specialized analysis. Vision PE, is available as a stand-alone solution or part of a turnkey image analysis system including all necessary hardware components. Using the software is easy as one, two, three, four…


1. Capture Images— Use any number of monochrome or color digital cameras to capture microscopic images. You can then analyze the images using a live feed or save high resolution images for further analysis.


2. Quantify Images— Writing an analysis routine is just a click away; no programming is required. Simply establish a list of actions taken from the Toolbox and your Routine writes itself.


3. Manage Results— Validate your results easily within the Data Browser where each measurement is directly linked to its corresponding feature on the image. You can then save them in Excel or binary format.


4. Create Reports— Customize reports to your specifications quickly and easily. Produce secure printable reports or saved spreadsheet programs.


Key Features